Packed crown celebrating Riverhead Books and The Moth!

Sarah Vowell reminds us about the brilliance of the @riverheadbooks list at The Moth!

"The event that I’d most like to attend is (alas) in the same time slot as my own. Chip Kidd and Helen Yentus talking about cover design? Yes, please! That is sure to be a fun one. Maybe I’ll hijack my own panel and force Leonard Lopate to only talk to me and Mary Gordon about our book jackets."


For me, Christmas comes in September in the form of the Brooklyn Book Festival. This Sunday I will be in the trenches with a handful of other wonderful Tumblr-ers. To say I am excited would be a gross understatement. Let’s just say I am preparing for this in the same way runners prepare for a marathon: lots of carbs, electrolytes, and chafing tape.

See you on Sunday!


Goofus feels entitled to the same things you do, and that makes you feel uncomfortable. He is pathologically broken in a way that you would prefer to pretend does not exist.

Gallant always asks himself what he thinks that you would do in a particular given situation before he acts.

"It is, in all respects, a heresy — which is to say, Lord above, it’s a future classic."


New blog header! And updated my theme and avatar and stuff. It’s been a few years…

In love.

"No, he’s not allowed to read. He has too much to do around the house."
"On top of which Marie is a mother, and whatever is proscribed for women is usually triply proscribed for mothers. It is generally felt that all of reality would collapse if mothers were allowed to be flawed, and human, and sexual. And I’m not recommending Marie’s life path to anyone; I wrote her, and she scares the hell out of me. But I wrote her because there’s a stranglehold on who and how women are allowed to be in this world. Still. At this late date. So when someone asks me if my husband has read the book, I also have a thought that goes something like, “Thank you for affirming the ongoing need for my book, at least.”"

(via 2014 Longlists for the National Book Award)

I’m really excited and overjoyed about this NBA fiction longlist! Congratulations especially to Tumbling writers johndarnielle, emilystjohnmandel, and elizabethmccracken!