You Rach You Lose

Jul 27

Seasonably inappropriate and delicious.

Seasonably inappropriate and delicious.

Jul 26

Don’t think that if we’re all good girls, if we’re properly meek, if we don’t provoke our men, we’ll be safe. Good girls get hurt all the time.

We are not the problem.

I refuse to quietly accept that there is one set of rules for how men live and another set of rules for how women live. And still, at night in a dark parking lot, I will walk to my car with my keys splayed between my fingers like blades. Ain’t that some shit?

” — Roxane Gay is Spelled With One “N”: A Way Back From That Hurt 

Boat drinking!

Boat drinking!

Jul 25

“I’m not going to be ashamed of a goddamn thing I read.” — Roxane Gay’s ‘Bad’ Feminism -


monsterbooksofmonsters said: Are you going to finish the Buster Casey saga?


I’m using it as my bargaining chip with God.  He’s agreed to let me live until it’s done so I plan to do it last. 

williamsberg said: will fight club 2 reveal the narrator's name


Yes, he has a name, but it’s one of the bullshit names he gave at support groups.  So, take it with a grain of salt. 

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