QuestionWhat did you major in?! I'm graduating next year as a comp. lit major and really want to get into publishing. Any advice? Answer

I majored in psychology and theater arts. I think my first advice is don’t worry about what you majored in?

Mostly this: it is easier than ever to join the communities you are interested in. Read, write, review, tweet, tumbl, follow. Show up at events or readings or book festivals or bookstores or libraries. Listen. Be friendly. Know what you’re talking about. Be enthusiastic. Be the person to ask for book recommendations or social media help or brownie recipes. Do your thing, and, whenever possible, do it in places where the people you most admire also do theirs.


  • Amanda: oh dude
  • i used your stock "recipe" last night
  • pretty sure it is going to win against all previous attempts
  • smelled amazing
  • i made like a half batch bc i didn't have that much chicken but yes
  • i have been referring to the results as "fersh stock"
  • Amanda: doubtful, but i'm glad
"Reading it feels almost voyeuristic — like you managed to get your hands on the diary of a depressed teenager who is also an undiscovered feminist genius."
"Well, life likes jokes, life is constantly making jokes, even at the most inopportune moments. Probably particularly then. As you well know, from your own splendid work: an appreciation for the absurd throws everything else into relief: sadness, beauty, emotion. Humorless fiction is a sealed room. There may be meaning inside: the pitch dark will render it meaningless. As for humorless human beings — I don’t even know how to talk to them. They’re the first people I plan to eat in the lifeboat I’m certain I will some day end up in."


i dont even have guilty pleasures anymore i just like stuff and if people have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves

Jumped the gun on summer food. Not sorry.

Nice day. Nice day. Nice day.

Nice day.