"The Brooklyn Book Festival starts off its week of programing with a book party that doesn’t really include any books or people reading that is co-hosted by Tumblr, Electric Literature, The New Inquiry, and the LA Review of Books. It’s basically all the coolest lit. kids getting together to set up one really great party. Pretty good chance you will end up meeting at least three people with book deals, a few folks with massive Twitter followings, and see a lot of great glasses."

(via Opening Night Party for the Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Events - Flavorpill Brooklyn)

Oh hey Flavorpill guess what?? Word Brooklyn will be at this party selling BOOKS that have been hand-selected by the publications hosting this party and by the amazing Word staff. BOOKS! That you can get drunk and dance and then buy at our party! Bring your money and your brains and your passion for Brooklyn’s incredible independent bookstores! BOOKS!

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