Calling all fellow Nerdfighters/John Green fans! Over here at Penguin Teen HQ we’re putting together an Ultimate John Green Trivia Challenge in partnership with Tumblr. We’ve had so much fun writing questions for the trivia challenge, but then we thought, who knows John’s books and Nerdfighter trivia better than Nerdfighters themselves? SO we wanted to give you guys a chance to contribute to the trivia challenge and try to stump your Nerdfighter buddies! 

Here’s how this is going to work: you can submit as many trivia questions via our Tumblr Ask Box, Fan Mail, or Submit Box as you want from 11/19 to 11/25. They can be about any of John’s books or general Nerdfighter/Vlogbrothers trivia, in whatever format you want (true or false, fill in the blank, multiple choice, etc.). If you’re feeling uninspired, we suggest consulting this guide to writing trivia questions

A couple of guidelines:

  • Try to keep the questions John Green related. They don’t have to be about the books, but it is the Ultimate John Green Trivia Challenge after all.
  • The questions shouldn’t be too easy, but they should be answerable by your average Nerdfighter/John Green fan. This is for fun! 
  • When you submit your question, please make sure to include the answer as well. If possible, cite your source (video title, which blog or article the question is from, page number). You can’t send URLs through the Ask box, so keep that in mind, but you can in the Submit box. 

A few notes:

  • Some of the questions will be going in the actual Ultimate John Green Trivia Game we’re creating and will be used in future events. But I suspect there will be many, many GREAT questions we can’t use and we are brainstorming ways to use them and make them available to everybody. All of that is to say that we won’t be publishing any of them on Tumblr YET—we have to sift through all of them and figure out what will go where. But keep your eye on this space for more as we get closer and closer to the TFIOS 1-year anniversary!
  • If we want to alter a question in any way (grammar, syntax, etc.) we will run it by the person who originally submitted the question first, promise!

Okay, I think that’s it. Submit away!


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