Some of the greatest independent booksellers support the Los Angeles Review of Books. Beginning at 11:05 am PST today, be among the first 18 people to make a $40 donation to LARB (or more) and get a $25 store credit redeemable online from one of our fund drive sponsors:

City Lights (San Francisco)
Green Apple
(San Francisco)
Iconoclast (Sun Valley, ID)
Readers’ Books
(Sonoma, CA)
Skylight (Los Angeles)
Word (Brooklyn, NY)

Please click the red button and make a donation today, using the form generously hosted by UC Riverside. And don’t forget, every donation of at least $25 also receives a free subscription to our monthly magazine.

While our supplies of this special offer are limited, your options on where to buy books are not. 

All our bookstore sponsors sell books online, so whether you live in San Francisco, CA, Elko, NV or New York, NY, you can shop for books and support local booksellers.

If you are one of the thousands of people who have come to love the Los Angeles Review of Books, this is your week to show it. Give now, and help us stay strong in 2013. Please make sure you donate this week. If we don’t hit our target, we’ll miss out on a matching grant that could mean so much for our continued success.

What are you waiting for?  Show your love.  Support LARB today.

What a cool deal!

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