The Oatmeal: cartoonist, martyr, man.

It’s been said a thousand times before but I think it bears repeating since pathetic slobs like The Oatmeal still don’t get it: when you make unfunny, offensive jokes about people whose voice is repeatedly silenced and then accuse people of censoring you because they don’t like it, it makes you an even bigger asshole. Then again, when your only sacred cow is “your art” (which in the oatmeal’s case is bland, pedantic, and lazy) of course it’s easier to be willfully obtuse.

My vagina and my F5 key second all of this.

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    Yes, it was stupid and hurtful of The Oatmeal to use that word in describing his keyboard. And yes his initial response...
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    Unless of course you are that artist, with a following feeling like you’re being censored, in which case you want to say...
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    Rape? Not funny. Just not funny.
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    Fuck you. Fuck you and anyone who blindly agrees with you. Speaking out for the purpose of speaking is not progress, nor...
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    Think your rape joke is funny? Ask one of the five women around you. They’ll tell you how funny it is.
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    I would normally agree with you on the whole “it’s just an expression” thing…much like I don’t think you really think...
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    I love the Oatmeal but this did not sit right with me. And then removing it and citing his own generosity? What a prick.
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    Normally I try to distance myself from this kind of thing, but I think the way you are doing this is abhorrent. I don’t...
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    I stopped paying attention to it long ago because I simply didn’t like it. No problem, I have that right…but thanks to...
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