In 2010, cookbook author Lukas Volger and his friends, writers Sadie Stein and Emily Gould, formed a potluck dinner club with the aim of cooking their way through Laurie Colwin’s two collections of food essays. They were motivated by rabid fandom of Colwin’s writing and morbid curiosity about how some of the weirder-sounding dishes (eggplant, pot cheese, scallion and fermented black beans, anyone?) might taste. Little did they realize they were embarking together on a journey that would include some of the best meals of their lives, as well as more than a few of what Colwin called Kitchen Disasters — especially after they enlarged their scope to other influential cookbooks and food memoirs, and started inviting — gulp — special guests. If you’re a fan of Laurie Colwin or just love gathering around a table to find out what horrors your friends might be inflicting on you for dinner, this is an evening you won’t want to miss.

(via Home Cooking in 2013: Emily Gould, Sadie Stein, and Lukas Volger on Laurie Colwin - Events — Housing Works)

I am one of those Colwin Fangirls and I am so excited about this event I planned a business trip around being back in time to see it.

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    This should be fun!
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