Ben Sollee and Erin McKeown - Know (SongCraft Presents with Acoustic Café)

Acoustic Cafe’s Rob Reinhart invited five artists to write and record songs with songwriter Ben Arthur and SongCraft Presents at SXSW 2013. Each session was only three hours (additional instrumentation and mixing/mastering happened back in NYC).

Erin McKeown and Ben Sollee were the third session, writing a song with Ben Arthur that was inspired in part by a story told by George Saunders in the New York Times.



You need a book that will grab your attention and mess with your head like Gone Girl. A spirited tale that will make you question the foundations of marriage and whether or not you can ever truly know another person, maybe where a woman literally leaves or goes missing, with an unconventional structure, shifting narrative perspective, slow reveals, insight into the everyday horror of existing as a woman in the world, and hopefully, some suspense. (via 7 Books to Scratch Your Gone Girl Itch — Vulture)

Made y’all a new list of books to read in case you’re itchy.

Great recs! Don’t miss the honorable mentions at the end either!



We’re celebrating National Coming Out Day a little bit early this year with our friends at everyoneisgay.

Join us on October 6th at housingworksbookstore in NYC to meet, mingle, drink free drinks, and celebrate the new book This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids. Hear stories from dannielle, kristinnoeline, holabrody, liam-lowery, and jennyowenyoungs!

This party is free, all ages, and open to the public. Tell your friends!


One week!

(via 2014 Longlists for the National Book Award)

I’m really excited and overjoyed about this NBA fiction longlist! Congratulations especially to Tumbling writers johndarnielle, emilystjohnmandel, and elizabethmccracken!

This morning I got to have breakfast with Merritt Tierce, a writer I admire immensely. She’s won some awards, been a 5 under 35 honoree, and is beloved by jamiatt, roxanegay, and many more of our favorites, so I’m not exactly breaking new ground here, but WOW, you guys. Just wow.

Her new novel Love Me Back is staggering, breathtaking, almost literally. Everyone’s going to say “unflinching” a lot. Unsentimental. Raw. Give Merritt the Nobel Prize in Smart Women Making Potentially Bad Decisions Without Apologizing to Anyone.

Merritt is also one of my feminist heroes for her work with the Texas Equal Access Fund, ensuring that women’s healthcare and reproductive freedom are for all women, not just those who can afford it. I was a fan of her writing and the TEAfund before I put it all together, and now I’m dazzled. 

Congratulations to Merritt and Doubleday on the publication of this fantastic book! Don’t miss it, seriously.


(via See the Jacket for Jami Attenberg’s Saint Mazie — Vulture)

Vulture has the first look at the effing amazing cover of my new book. Read more about the designers and why this cover is perfect here. Comes out June 2015. CANNOT WAIT.

I cannot even handle how gorgeous this is. I want to buy it poster-sized.


Do you live in New York City? Please come party with us! Tuesday, October 7th, at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe!

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Having a pretty amazing mail day!

There I met the rest of the family – seven silent, dreamy children in total and their mother, also silent, and slender and weathered, and their father, a tall man in his fifties with long, gray hair. He was mostly toothless. He welcomed me, and motioned to a picnic table. It seemed impolite to say no.

(via Nighttime In The Devil’s Garden | The Hairpin)

A new Jami Attenberg story! A new Jami Attenberg story! FERSH_SIREN.GIF


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