This shirt, designed by Nathaniel Bellows, is now available for $15 (free shipping): White ink on cobalt blue 100% cotton Hanes Beefy T-shirt—S, M, L, XL. Very comfortable, will wear well, good for summer, will show the world your undying support of good ol’ traditional books.

I love this design. I do believe it first rose to prominence in the Tumblr radar.


What’s on your wishlist? What do you want for your nearest and dearest? What’s your favorite book, movie, album, game, cocktail, or best-loved anything?

Tumblr wants you! We’ve seen lots of great recommendations this holiday season, but we’d like to add one small innovation: Instead of a few contributors, we’ll have millions. And who knows the greatest stuff in art and design, fashion and food, gadgets and tech, or TV and literature better than the Tumblr community? Join us in creating the world’s largest gift guide.

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A fun little project for those of you with books, albums, designs, foods, toys, gadgets, etc to plug or beg for…


Dear Diane von Furstenburg, 

You know how, in life, there are those people who are perfect for meeting up with on a Sunday morning for coffee in SoHo, with your hair all rumpled, comfy flats on, a rolled-up copy of the Style section under your arm? Well, that person for you is ME! Let’s be besties! We’ll sit on one of those Balthazar benches drinking demi cappus and snacking on warm croissants fresh from the oven, petting other peoples’ dogs, wearing wrinkled wrap dresses and big black sunglasses to hide the remnants of last night’s parties! You’ll be like “I can’t believe you sent those texts!” and I’ll be like “I KNOW!” And then we’ll look at those pictures of how you broke that table, dancing on it like Tina Turner, and we’ll laugh until we cry. And we’ll be like, “We love this town! We are the queens of NY. We are the Statues of Liberty! The Statues of Love! The Statues of Living!”

Anyway, see you Sunday. 

xx Jen 

(Also, people, check this out via youritlist:

Fairy tales do come true! Crafted from the very heart of a time-honored fairy tale, Diane von Furstenberg and the Empress’s New Clothes is an empowering memoir with a fashionable twist. Written by fashion writer and internationally bestselling author Camilla Morton and illustrated exclusively under the direction of Diane von Furstenberg. Pick up your copy here.

(Source: deystreetbooks)


Literary Outfits: A Series.

Tonight, Alex Stone, author of Fooling Houdini visits the Library to teach us about magic, math, and physics!

Is *your* local librarian this cool?

Annie’s soul is made from 8-bit snack foods.

Freezing outside? An iPhone app will show the navy blue peacoat and dark gray chino pants you wore last winter. Cloth, an app that helps picky fashionistas organize their outfits, released a software update Wednesday that adds weather data. (via Cloth, a Fashion App, Is Now Weather Sensitive - NYTimes.com)

Okay, fashion is not my thing. But “what the fucking fuck am I gonna wear when it’s 97 degrees out”? That is everybody’s thing. COOL!


Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger, 1991

So, this is an effect I’ve been noticing on season one X Files, and I’m taking suggestions for names. It’s the yet-another-way-women-get-fucked aspect of fashion whereby men still look good 20 years later, and women look fucking ridiculous.