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Books make perfect holiday gifts. They always fit, they’re easy to wrap, and they’re more fun to open than a gift card. (They also last much longer than a fruit basket.) Plus we make it really, really easy for you to find the right one. 

If you don’t see the right gift above, browse through our gift guides by category. And if you’re still looking, please direct your attention over to Personal Penguin, where you can tell us a little about your intended recipient and get a personalized list of perfect presents. 

Easy as pie books. (Pie’s not actually anywhere near this easy.)

Fun flowchart holiday gift guide from Random House. Depending on how I choose my own adventure, I get A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, The Dinner, Night Film, or Lowland. All of which you should feel free to buy for me! The system works!


Don’t forget! You can follow the Tumblr Gift Guide here. Or contribute to it by tagging your posts about great books, art, fashion, food, crafts, etc with #tumblrgiftguide!

Don’t forget! You can follow the Tumblr Gift Guide here. Or contribute to it by tagging your posts about great books, art, fashion, food, crafts, etc with #tumblrgiftguide!


Got a Downton fan in your life, but they already have the DVDS? Agent Gates, a new, hilarious graphic novel parodying the hit British drama, comes out January 1, 2013 from Andrews McMeel.  

Preorder the book for a loved one at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Indiebound and print out this certificate to let them know it’s on the way!

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The Dowager has spoken.

My favorite paper doll artist has a book for you. Pre-order now, gift the certificate. You win Christmas!


Let us solve your holiday shopping conundrums!

Have a list?  Checked it twice?  Still confused?  Let Community Bookstore make your holiday shopping experience brighter.  

Make an appointment, bring in your list, and Ezra or Stephanie will shop with you and make recommendations.  We can gather your choices, give you a comfortable place to sit and look over our recommendations, and even give you a glass of wine, or a cup of cocoa as you browse.  In addition, we can gift wrap and mail books to anyone on your list. And we have special signed copies of certain books you might like.

Super busy?  Email us an annotated list (brief description of person, genre they might like). We can have books ready for you to peruse when you come in.  You’ll look over our choices. Don’t like what we’ve recommended? We’ll help you find something else.

You don’t have to buy anything.  If you don’t like our recommendations or change your mind about buying books, we won’t take it personally.  We just want to help you find the best possible gifts with minimal stress.

Tiny approved. Tiny loves stray bits of gift wrap, knocking over large stacks of books, and pretending to be adorable to charm you. 

Best of all, you can find unique gifts and support your local independent bookstore.

Please note:  This service can only be provided during the week or after 7 PM on weekends.  We want to provide this service to all our customers, but it’s impossible during our busiest times.

To make an appointment please contact Ezra or Stephanie at Community Bookstore: e-mail events@communitybookstore.net or call 718-783-3075.

Today in reasons your local independent bookstore is Just Plain Better.

I started Handmade Tea in 2011 after becoming bored with existing loose leaf tea blends. As someone that loves the culinary arts, I wanted to see more unique and natural flavors put into tea blends. Yet, I wanted a blend that was thought-out, a blend that contained flavorful ingredients that actually complimented the base tea, and had a reason for being a part of the blend.

I also wanted to improve tea packaging and the experience of opening your tea package for the first time. I feel that quality tea is an art and it should be encased in equally beautiful artwork. That’s why I work with artists to create a unique label for each celebration blend.

(via Handmade Tea - About)

While we’re in gift-shopping mode, I highly, highly recommend one of these handmade tea subscriptions. We get so excited every month! And they are always delicious.

Also, you can use this link to buy and Nick gets tea points or some shit. But I didn’t know that when I wrote this post and that’s not why I wrote it. So.