Anyone who’s been following me for a bit (or not—welcome new followers!) knows that I write about fan culture for the New Statesman and books for The Millionsand that this Tumblr, much like the whole of Tumblr, is basically a celebration of books and/or fandom. (Er, maybe not the whole of Tumblr? I don’t know, it certainly looks that way to me.)

Tomorrow evening George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb will be coming to London for an amazing one-night-only event. Since I live in London, my books-and-fandom-loving Tumblr and I were perfect candidates to head over on Tumblr’s behalf. So this time tomorrow, I’ll be posting words and images from the event here, and tagging posts with the event’s official hashtag: #GeorgeAndRobin. If you’re a fan of either of these authors—or both!—be sure to check back in around 7:30 pm GMT tomorrow, August 19th.

So excited that writer and fanthropologist Elizabeth Minkel will be LiveTumbling this very special event!

"I started using Tumblr some years ago. I didn’t really get it at first so I just set up the account. Then a couple years ago, I met Rachel Fershleiser who does literary community outreach for Tumblr and she convinced me to give the platform a go. After a great tutorial, I started using Tumblr more often and it has now supplanted my old WordPress blog.
The community is fascinating. I kind of work against type over there writing these long rambling posts in a place where people reblog pictures and phrases but I enjoy it."

A Q&A with Roxane Gay, a not-so-bad feminist - The Washington Post

Helping to bring you roxanegay.tumblr.com is one of the things I’m prouder of in these last few years. Thank you Roxane!

New Penguin Podcast with Emma Straub!

I believe in equal opportunities for women and men. I believe in women having reproductive freedom and affordable and unfettered access to the health care they need. I believe women should be paid as much as men for doing the same work. Feminism is a choice, and if a woman does not want to be a feminist, that is her right, but it is still my responsibility to fight for her rights. I believe feminism is grounded in supporting the choices of women even if we wouldn’t make certain choices for ourselves. I believe women not just in the United States but throughout the world deserve equality and freedom but know I am in no position to tell women of other cultures what that equality and freedom should look like.

(via Why I Am A Bad Feminist)

Happy book birthday to Roxane Gay and Bad Feminist. Today is a great day to buy a copy for everyone you love.

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You may know the lovely and oh-so-generous literary citizen Amanda Bullock as the Director of Public Programming at Housing Works Books, but she is also the co-founder and co-organizer of the Moby-Dick Marathon (MDMNYC)! 

This three-day marathon reading of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, will be held in New York City from November 14th - November 16th (Ishmael super-fans may recognize the 14th as the anniversary of the U.S. publication of the book). In the past, over one hundred and fifty people participated in the event, each reading ten-minute segments of the novel. Three independent bookstores around the city hosted the reading: WORD, Molasses Books, and of course the Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe.

This year, MDMNYC hopes to expand their venue options, hire photographers and web designers, print programs in color, and provide their guests with more spoons for clam chowder! And they’re asking (nicely) for your help.

Show your support for this incredible project by backing their Kickstarter campaign! To make donating even more of a no-brainer, the MDMNYC team has also lined up some unreal-cool incentives for anyone who backs this whale of a project. The entire novel in Litograph poster-form? Yes please.


You can even get a special edition STOCK TIPS: Chowder Zine!

This is what it looks like when you are taking a BookSelfie with Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (!!!) and Amber (rightfully) runs over to yell at you because she is your official photographer and what are you doing, and then you crack up and look evil/wolf-like.

Point being, I have heard nothing but enormously wonderful things about this book and I can’t wait to read it.

  1. Camera: Photo Booth

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The Stephen King Money is gone and I am $9.97 over budget for this year.

The royalty check was for $1656.53. I’m told next year’s royalty payment has roughly $1500 in it so let’s call the Stephen King Money amount as $3200. That’s less than the prize money on Chopped, but as a freelance writer and editor, still a nice surprise from an eight-year-old book.

Save for a handful of hardcover and paperback sales, these were all ebook sales. With King’s Joyland now available as an ebook people will buy the novel they are looking for, so I’m going to be sensible and stop spending money for the time being. 

For a Tumblr I made to entertain friends, I am amazed and honored that this entertained so many others. Thanks to everyone who wrote about the site or shared its links. Thanks to Rachel Fershleiser at Tumblr for her support. Thanks to Nate Powell, who provided beautiful and haunting illustrations for my Joyland. Thanks to ECW Press for taking a chance on my first novel. Thanks to my editors at St. Martin’s Press and Doubleday for their enthusiasm. Thanks to BookCourt, Apple Store, Girls Write Now, The Strand, Foxy Salon, and others for helping me spend the money.

Thanks most of all to my accidental co-author, Stephen King, for being so wonderfully supportive and understanding.

HOLD ON HOLD ON DON’T GO YET! Emily’s little Tumblr project made me laugh and think. Probably her next novel will too, and it’s available for pre-order right now! She told me, “with the The Blondes I wanted to write an apocalyptic thriller with women as the focus.” Pretty awesome, right? I hear it’s like a Feminist DeLillo, and I can’t wait! Support a wonderful writer and buy yourself a little present. Use royalty checks from the megabestselling horror-master of your choice.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Entire series recapped in two minutes (SPOILERS)

I totally get it now, you guys!

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