all I know is that I just lifted the cover off a pot of boiling squash, apples, sweet potatoes, onion, and spices and thought “I wish there was a platform for sharing scents!,” not out of a desire to broadcast the minute details of my day but because that shit smelled delicious and I wanted it to make the people I love as happy as it made me, which I think, mostly, is the impulse at the core of it all.

This is pretty much the impulse behind #Stock Tips, I think. Just a couple hundred people pretending we can smell each others’ kitchens.

It is not often that I see a Big Six twitter marketing stunt that doesn’t suck. This doesn’t suck! This is, in fact, ballsy and hilarious! Loving it. Go Little Brown! Go Gabe! Go buy The Unknowns right now!

"Writing is a very solitary life. The addition of a social outlet that you can turn on and off, not to mention participate in in your underwear, is pretty life-changing for some people. You can be part of a rich literary community no matter where you live. You can chat with your heroes about their heroes, or about their new nail color. I just think it’s all pretty great."

Book-Jobs Not by the Book: Rachel Fershleiser of Tumblr

Pollyanna is back, and she brought nail art!

"In addition to leading WNYC’s social media presence, the Social Media Editor will work to build audience, increase loyalty and drive engagement with WNYC’s content. S/he will coordinate social activity with the WNYC newsroom and WNYC-produced local and national shows, WQXR and The Greene Space to magnify WNYC’s social profile and those of other NYPR brands and personalities and will share best practices with other NYPR brands and work. The Social Media Editor is responsible for delivering content that is viable, sustainable and meets the mission and goals of WNYC and the promise to readers and listeners. S/he will be part of the effort to make WNYC’s digital content a necessary and transformative daily experience as part of the most inclusive gathering place in news media."

Careers Center - More information about this job

Someone amazing should apply for this job, please. I love New York Public Radio and admire the strides they’ve made online, on Tumblr, in mobile, etc. I want so badly to see this role go to a person with real creativity and spunk and vision.  Less jargon, more nerdtastic funsies! Tell your friends!


This will be amazing.

Pssst! I am going to be part of a rad storytelling project for Chicago Social Media Week!